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I have completed bits of my EM training from India. Currently I am boarded with credentials from Christian Medical College, Vellore and also from the prestigious Royal College of Emergency Medicine, UK.  I am currently working in London as an A&E doctor, trying to appreciate the differences in the practise and culture of Emergency Medicine across different healthcare systems. I have always been an avid FOAMed supporter because FOAMed played an indispensable role during the days of my initial training. Through this blog, I aspire to disseminate knowledge and stay up to date with the EM literature. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hundred thousand views

A big thanks to each and everyone of you out there who supported the existence of this blog. To be honest, being the first one from India was quite intimidating but I am pleased to know that the blog has recently crossed the milestone of 100,000 hits in less than 2 years. Things were pretty rough when I began this endeavour in January 2015. There were critics and skeptics who questioned every bit of it. Fortunately, we have come a long way since then and now more and more people are open to Free Open Access Medical Education.

A special mention about all the contributors for taking out time from their busy schedules. It was not possible to reach this far without your support. Thanks a ton guys!!

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Apoorva Chandra
  • Azharullah Khan
  • Kritika Atrey 
  • Liaquat Roopesh
  • Nikhil Tambe
  • Sagar Galwankar

I usually post a topic on every Monday and it would not have been possible without the support of Karishma, my wife. She has sacrificed numerous weekends and whenever it was about the blog - there were no questions asked! She has been a huge help and also one of the major critics of this blog. 

Over the course of last couple of years, many folks asked me about the blog logo. Here is what it signifies..

The logo took its inspiration from Emergency Medical Services. It is comprised of the star of life - a symbol most commonly associated with EMS. The six branches of the star symbolise 
  1. Early Detection
  2. Early Reporting
  3. Early Response
  4. On Scene Care
  5. Care in Transit
  6. Transfer to Definitive care
The snake emblem is the Rod of Asclepius is the symbol of medical care, named for the Greek mythological figure Asclepius, who was said to have possessed healing power.

The numerous yellow colored light bulbs within and around the star represent dandelions of ideas. The ideas do have their origin and base within Emergency Medicine but they travel out to other zones to disperse and germinate as novel thoughts and innovations. 

Credits to Kritika Atrey for crafting this logo for the blog. 

And for those of you who read and COMMENT on the posts, just to let you know that you  people make my day. A word of appreciation means a lot and keeps me going. Your intrigue questions, thoughts and comments always open an opportunity for discussions.

Lastly, this note is incomplete without acknowledging the contribution of "The Teaching Course" which played an indispensable role behind the inception of this blog. This course was phenomenal and it turned out to be a life-changing experience for me. It was absolutely worth travelling over 8000miles to be there. I owe it to these people.


Click here to know more about the teaching course. 


     Lakshay Chanana
     Speciality Doctor
     Northwick Park Hospital
     Department of Emergency Medicine



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  1. Wonderful initiative Lakshay. This is a great place to learn. I wish you all succes in all your endeavours. Long Live Emergency Medicine!