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I have completed bits of my EM training from India. Currently I am boarded with credentials from Christian Medical College, Vellore and also from the prestigious Royal College of Emergency Medicine, UK.  I am currently working in London as an A&E doctor, trying to appreciate the differences in the practise and culture of Emergency Medicine across different healthcare systems. I have always been an avid FOAMed supporter because FOAMed played an indispensable role during the days of my initial training. Through this blog, I aspire to disseminate knowledge and stay up to date with the EM literature. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Dog Bite/ Rabies: Things what you need to know

This week, I have a podcast for you. 

We are going to talk about Dog Bite/Rabies. The reason I chose this topic is because this is something which is still fairly common in India (Dog Bite) and the incidence of rabies in India has now been constant for about a decade. One of the reasons for this is poor knowledge of post exposure prophylaxis among medical professionals. I take you through the national guidelines for treating dog bites (Indian Guidelines).  I hope this will help to change the scenario:

Listen to the podcast. 
Find the show notes attached.