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I have completed bits of my EM training from India. Currently I am boarded with credentials from Christian Medical College, Vellore and also from the prestigious Royal College of Emergency Medicine, UK.  I am currently working in London as an A&E doctor, trying to appreciate the differences in the practise and culture of Emergency Medicine across different healthcare systems. I have always been an avid FOAMed supporter because FOAMed played an indispensable role during the days of my initial training. Through this blog, I aspire to disseminate knowledge and stay up to date with the EM literature. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scorpion Envenomation (Podcast)


This week, we are going to discuss another overlooked issue - "Scorpion Envenomation"
Fortunately, I did initial two years of my EM training at Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu where we used to get quite a bit of patients with Scorpion Sting/Envenomation.

Back in Vellore, whenever we used to talk about this issue, there was one name which always came up - "Dr. Himmatrao Bawaskar". He has done a ton of research on this and came up with an antidote for scorpion sting dropping the mortality down to <1% from 30%. His first individual paper titled “Diagnostic cardiac premonitory signs and symptoms of red scorpion sting” was published in The Lancet in 1982. 

It was in 1984, when he treated 126 patients with Prazosin; all of them survived. In 1986, in his paper in The Lancet - he put forward for the first time Prazosin as a physiological antidote for scorpion stings.

His work got recognition internationally as Prazosin's success was duplicated all over the world. This episode was not possible without mentioning about his exemplary work in this field. 

A message from Dr. Bawaskar,
We owe our learning, earning, and satisfaction to our ancestors (scientists) who blessed us with their research which gave us direction. It is our moral duty to repay them by engaging ourselves in, contributing to and publishing the research for the benefit of our future generations. This can be done only by performing our honest, sincere, and dedicated duty every single day. Never neglect what the patient or his relatives have to say since they are the sole reason of your existence as a doctor.”

I have focused on species found around Southern India.
This a really short one, just about 8 minutes. Check out the show notes.


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