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I completed my medical school and background EM training from India (Christian Medical College, Vellore and Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad) where I worked for 4 years. Following this, I devoted (with all my heart) about 1.5 years to do US Medical Licensing Exams. My stint towards an EM Residency in States did not work but it took me to places and it has been quite a journey. I then relocated to London, England to work as a Registrar (Non-Trainee) in A&E. This gave me an opportunity to better understand NHS, EM training pathways and more importantly the EM Mindsets in the United Kingdom. 

Currently, I am pursuing Higher Specialist Training in Emergency Medicine at South East Scotland Deanery where I have the honour and privilege of training under some of the most innovative brains in the field of Emergency Medicine. Over the past few years, I have realised that LEARNING and UNLEARNING (which can be challenging!) is equally important to deliver cutting edge care to our patients.And through this blog, I aspire to disseminate knowledge, assist trainees with exams and stay up to date with contemporary EM literature. I have always been an avid FOAMed supporter because FOAMed has always played an indispensable role during my training. 

Lakshay Chanana
ST4 EM Trainee 
Edinburgh, Scotland

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

MedReach Courses

MedReach is an online video-learning platform for health professionals with two broad aims:
  1. To provide fair and equal access to world-leading medical education for all health care professionals;
  2. To improve healthcare learning and delivery in low-income countries.
Access to high-quality learning is currently limited by time, funding and geographic location with those in remoter communities and low-income countries the most disadvantaged. MedReach aims to overcome these barriers by filming high-impact courses and conferences, and providing online access at a time, pace and location that suits the user. We charge a modest amount to those that can afford it (high-income countries) and give it all for free to health-professionals in low-income countries, as well as donating a significant portion of sales to healthcare projects in poorly resourced areas.
So, learn from ‘world-experts’, take notes, export course certificates and summaries of learning, and at the same time contribute to healthcare improvement in areas that need support.

We often hear about educational courses, but travelling to another country and the heavy costs involved to attend an 6-8hr course is always a setback.  Having done a few of MedReach courses personally, this is something I highly recommend for Emergency Medicine and other acute care specialities trainees. Watching eminent educators such as Rich Levitan and Arun Sayal and learning from them at our own pace and comfort is a joy. To begin with, I was a bit skeptical about learning skills requiring some dexterity with a video-based course but achieving finesse is certainly possible if your basics are set right. 

Do check out https://www.medreach.org/courses/ for more information. 

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     Lakshay Chanana
     ST4 Trainee
     Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
     Department of Emergency Medicine


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