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I completed my medical school and background EM training from India (Christian Medical College, Vellore and Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad) where I worked for 4 years. Following this, I devoted (with all my heart) about 1.5 years to do US Medical Licensing Exams. My stint towards an EM Residency in States did not work but it took me to places and it has been quite a journey. I then relocated to London, England to work as a Registrar (Non-Trainee) in A&E. This gave me an opportunity to better understand NHS, EM training pathways and more importantly the EM Mindsets in the United Kingdom. 

Currently, I am pursuing Higher Specialist Training in Emergency Medicine at South East Scotland Deanery where I have the honour and privilege of training under some of the most innovative brains in the field of Emergency Medicine. Over the past few years, I have realised that LEARNING and UNLEARNING (which can be challenging!) is equally important to deliver cutting edge care to our patients.And through this blog, I aspire to disseminate knowledge, assist trainees with exams and stay up to date with contemporary EM literature. I have always been an avid FOAMed supporter because FOAMed has always played an indispensable role during my training. 

Lakshay Chanana
ST4 EM Trainee 
Edinburgh, Scotland

Sunday, May 22, 2016

MRCEM: Part C online mock tests

Hi there, 

MRCEM exams for June 2016 are approaching and the stakes are high. I see candidates fumbling and getting overtly anxious, especially about the part C exam. So I am going to try and help you guys out with part C by doing 1 on 1 tutoring via Skype/ Facetime from 28-31st May 2016. If you do not want to spend on live workshops because of your prior commitments or limited budget then you can enrol for one of these mock exams. The thing with these sessions is that you can avoid spending on travel and accommodation and save a ton of time. My goal is to provide you a meaningful feedback which I believe can transform your results. It is essentially hard to judge yourself if you are practising with your colleagues who are on the same page. 

Scheduling and fee:
You can schedule a 
  • Two station mock for 1000 INR (25 minutes: includes station time and a brief verbal feedback) OR 
  • Five station mock for 2500 INR (60 minutes:  includes station time and an elaborate verbal and written feedback mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate)

The focus of these sessions will be to give you an insight about where you stand in your preparation and what you need to work on, during the week prior to the real exam. 

I don't want you guys to waste money on this and therefore I suggest that you practise a few stations among your friends and then join a 1-1 session with me to get evaluated. I have extremely limited time and very few spots available on first come first serve basis. You can contact me through whatsapp or e-mail to get further details on payment. 

Whatsapp: +91-8220073543
E-mail: drlakshayem@gmail.com

You can drop in your messages and I will revert back to you on 27 May 2016. 

About me: 
I am an Emergency Physician who is interested in teaching and finding out ways on how to advance medical education. I love to teach and meet people who are at different stages of academic ladder. I was trained in EM at Christian Medical College, Vellore and Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. I am also certified by Royal College of Emergency Medicine and I have been through MRCEM part A,B,C and passed all the three exams on the first attempt. So I can completely relate with you and understand what you will be going through. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.  

Best Wishes

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